Shoe Freeze

7:11 video

Ami Mercury stops over Luna Dawn's house for a visit, but Luna appears to not be at home. Ami notices a pretty blue sparkly pair of shoes on the table, and when she goes to pock them up, she sees a note. The note states that they are Luna Dawn's shoes & no one else is to touch them. Ami scoffs, picks up the pretty shoes, and puts them on her feet. She admires them, remarking how great they look on her, and begins to prance around in them. After about a minute, her limbs begin to get stiff & her movements are less fluid. Soon, Ami is frozen stiff like a statue in Luna Dawn's living room. Some time passes, and Luna Dawn returns home to find Ami in her predicament. Luna laughs & decides to have some fun with Ami. She poses her stiff limbs, and gropes her huge boobs. She decides to really have some fun with her & removes Ami's top & her skirt. Luna giggles, then claps her hands together, bringing Ami out of her frozen state. Embarrassed & confused, Ami runs out of Luna's house leaving the mysterious shoes behind.


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