Dolls in Distress Part 1

8:12 video

Miss Whitney Morgan was anxiously waiting on the side of the road for a ride to the gas station, when Chester pulled up!  She tells him she is out of gas and needs a ride to the gas station.  "No problem" he says.  Chester gets out of his truck and walks over to open the door for her.  But to her surprise he hands over mouths her until she is not awake.  He proceeds to tie her wrists and ankles and put her in the back of his truck.  When arriving back to his house, he opens up the tail gate and pulls her  body out and throws her over his shoulder and carries her into the house.  Whitney awakens to Chester tying her arms and ankles to the wall of the shower!!  She is struggling and making a lot of noise.  We can't have that so he cleave gags her.  Too her surprise Chester's wife Luna enters the room, very excited about her husbands new CATCH!  Whitney now is realizing that this was their plan all along.  She is their taken victim.   Luna is now in charge and decides to play with her new doll.  First she starts by tomenting her a little with the water slowly running down her face.  Then Luna decides ICE cold water is in order for this punishment.  Luna likes her dolls nice and clean, so she makes sure every single inch of Whitney is covered in ice cold water!!  Whitney is in distress and trying to get free!!  Look at her pretty wet boobs thru her wet T shirt.  Luna is relentless and continues to play with her.  Luna doesn't like her makeup either so she sprays Whitney in the face to remove it all!!  Chester and Luna at this point have decided its enough for now, so they leave Whitney tied to the wall to drip dry while they go and make room for her downstairs in a cage!!

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