Spanking Therapy Pt1

Luna has an appointment today with Dr. Chester to get her nail chewing under control.  He calls her into the room and introduces himself.  He then explains that she will be receiving the best treatment while in his care.  The session starts by the Dr., putting Luna into a trance like state so that he can properly treat her.  Once she is under, he commands her to lay over his knee.  He pulls up her skirt and to his surprise she is wearing crotchless pantyhose.  He begins by open handed spanking her and explaining to her why her behavior is unacceptable.  He feels that she needs more so he moves onto the paddle.  Luna's butt is bright red at this point and her time is almost up.  He claps his hands and brings her back to conciseness. She is appalled to see her pantyhose around her ankles and grabs her stuff and runs out the door!

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