Sex Collar Experiment PT 2

This is a sequel.  Luna Dawn is sitting on her couch, on the phone with her boyfriend.  She's explaining that she still can't get this DAMN collar off!  It's been like a week!  I've probably had like 12 orgasms by now!  She's scared that this might happen at work some day.  Luna suddenly blurts out "WIFI CONNECTED FILMWARE UPDATES STARTED".  Luna is clearly shocked by what came out of her mouth!   Luna suddenly stands up feet apart, arms behind her back chest out.  She blurts out another command "ARM BINDER SCRIPT DOWNLOADED".  She starts struggling, and bouncing her giant breast.  She tries yelling for help but the collar has sealed her lips.  She struggles to get on all fours but when she finally does, She blurts out "KITTEN SCRIPT DOWNLOADED". Luna is unable to fight the collar, she walking around on all fours purring and meowing like a cat.  She can't stop her hips from grinding which ultimately makes her have a huge orgasm!!  Just then her boyfriend who she was currently on the phone with walks thru the door and sees Luna in her predicament.  He explains that he was the one who sent her the sex collar, that has been giving her all the amazing orgasms!  She's is clearly turned on and a bit mad!

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